5 Reasons Student Housing is Better than Regular Rentals for Students Today

5 Reasons Student Housing is Better than Regular Rentals for Students Today

Once you start making arrangements for your relocation, you will find that there are multiple student living options. You may take the traditional route and stay at the college dorm, but most students prefer off-campus housing or regular rentals. The more rewarding of the latter two options is almost always off-campus student housing. Here’s a look at why that is the case.

Student Housing is Often More Affordable Than Regular Rentals

Off-campus student housing is created with students in mind. There are efforts made to ensure the properties are going to fall in line with the typical college student’s budget. Therefore, student housing is oftentimes more affordable than a regular rental. For example, you may find student apartments for rent for hundreds of dollars less than what you would pay for a regular apartment.

You may be wondering how property owners keep student housing affordable. The New York Times stated in a recent article that prices for off-campus housing can range between $250 and $1,500 a month nationwide, which is highly competitive compared to regular rental rates. The truth is, the demand for this type of housing is so high and almost guaranteed rental allows property developers to keep rental or leasing prices at a really fair rate. Not to mention, in areas where there are multiple schools, prices must remain competitive among developers to keep students coming in.

It's Hard to Get a Regular Rental Without Rental History or Worthy Income 

The majority of college students will be moving from either a dorm or from their parents home if they choose to rent a regular place off campus. Therefore, the rental history that is usually required to be approved for a lease simply doesn’t exist. Rental history is oftentimes required because it shows the property owner that you have been a reliable, trustworthy tenant.

Additionally, a lot of people looking for student living in a regular house or apartment will not have enough income to show they are capable of paying the expenses of living in a place. You will usually have to list your employment and income on your paperwork when you are applying for a lease. With about four out of five college students working only part-time jobs and relying on financial aid for a lot of their living expenses, most will not qualify, income-wise, for a regular rental.

pool gym

From computer lounge to vibrant outdoor spaces to on-site services like the fitness center and a pool, everything you need to organize, elevate, and live the student life of your dreams is in one place, right here at CEV Cottages at Greensboro.

Regular Rentals Don't Have the Amenities Student Housing Will 

Unless you move into an expensive condominium or apartment complex, you probably are not going to find a regular rental with the same kind of amenities that will be available with student housing options. For example, if you were to move into the CEV Cottages at Greensboro, you would have access to amenities like:

  • A pool
  • An on-site fitness center
  • Open barbecuing stations
  • Community social activities and hosted events

Private residential homes are likely not going to offer any such amenities unless the homes are a part of a housing association, which can be expensive. And even apartment complexes rarely have such a list of amenities unless they are considered luxury, which comes with a hefty price tag.

Close Proximity to Schools and Campuses 

The majority of student living options you find off campus are still going to be relatively close to the surrounding college campuses. Some are so close that they offer shuttling services to and from the different schools in the area, which can be a huge advantage if you do not yet have a vehicle of your own or you don’t have funds to pay for Uber or a taxi.

On the flip side, if you go for a regular rental, you may end up miles away from your school. Housing units that are available for rent in close proximity to schools tends to be hard to nab, especially at the beginning of a new semester when there are staff members and students looking for a good place to live. Being miles away from school will mean it will be more costly and time-consuming to just get to class when you need to.

Your Neighbors Are Students Just Like You

When you move into a student apartment complex or off-site student housing complex, the people who will surround you as neighbors will be college student just like you. Even though just about anyone can go to college and get into housing, you will all have one really important thing in common: you will be highly understanding of what it is like to be a student.

Because your fellow neighbors will have a lot in common with you, it will be easy to make friends in a new place. Plus, the common thread of you all being students can mean you have study partners nearby at all times and like-minded people who know the value of both peace and quiet and a good time.

Overall, choosing where you will live as a new student in CEV Cottages at Greensboro will affect a lot about how your entire educational experience goes. Off-campus student housing is a logical solution for so many reasons, especially when compared to regular rental properties.

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