Have You Considered Student Housing for the 2019 School Year?

Have You Considered Student Housing for the 2019 School Year?

Often, the last thing on the list is student living. Many new college students don’t consider on or off-campus student housing until the next-to-last-minute, making it difficult to secure the best housing options. In Greensobro, there are a number of student housing options available, including off-campus housing like private apartments and homes to dedicated student apartments. Have you set up your living arrangements yet? If not, here are several things to consider for the 2019 school year.

What Can You Afford?

First and foremost, it’s important to consider what kind of budget you can afford. If you have little to no budget and live in the Greensboro, you may want to live with your parents while you attend college. However, if you do have a budget for housing, consider how much you can spend. If you need to use your student loans to pay for your living arrangements, a dorm may be the best option. If you have a savings account or your family is helping you financially, consider the benefits of living in student apartments. Know ahead of time what you can and can’t afford, so you aren’t stuck with a big financial problem later.

How Much Privacy Do You Want?

Privacy is another key concern when discussing student living. If you don’t mind sharing a bathroom with others, dorm living or living with roommates in a private apartment or house may work for you. If you want your own room and bathroom at least, off-campus student housing is a great fit. If you prefer to go it alone, you can look for a cheap one-bedroom rental or studio apartment.

<p><em>CEV Cottages at Greensboro will place you in an apartment according your preference in roommate, apartment size, gender, noise level or study habits. </em></p>

CEV Cottages at Greensboro will place you in an apartment according your preference in roommate, apartment size, gender, noise level or study habits.

How Do You Feel About Being On the Hook for What Your Roommate Does?

A potential problem with having roommates in a private home or apartment setting is that you split the rent and utilities equally. While this sounds perfectly fair, what happens if one roommate is late with their payment or is unable to pay at all? Whoever is named on the rental agreement is where the buck stops — if that’s you, you’re on the hook for what they owe. If you’re not able to pay it, or you are consistently late making the payment because your roommate is late, you stand a good chance of being asked to vacate the property.

Another consideration along these same lines is if your roommates are destructive to the property. If it’s your name on the lease, it’s your security deposit they’ll take if there’s damage to the home, even if it wasn’t your fault. Most landlords consider the person on the lease as the renter and are unlikely to include all of your roommates as responsible parties on the lease.

What Kind of Amenities Do You Want?

College can be challenging in a number of ways. Fortunately, many types of on and off-campus housing offers amenities for students to help make their lives easier (and more enjoyable). Do you want a kitchen where you can prepare your own food? Do you want access to a pool or a hot tub for relaxing in the warmer months when you have less homework? Do you want to be just steps away from a fitness center so you can stay in shape? Think about what amenities might make your life easier, like shuttle service to and from campus if you don’t have your own transportation. Then, think about amenities that you would really like to have and put student housing that offers those amenities at the top of your list.

Private apartments and homes are less likely to have the same amenities as apartment complexes built specifically for students, but it’s worth considering. If living alone is your preference and you have the money for your own place, the amenities of a student apartment may not outweigh that benefit. Then again, with your own private bedroom and bathroom, you may feel like you have enough privacy to get by while enjoying all the extra amenities.

What Kind of Socialization Opportunities Would You Like to Have?

An important part of the college experience is socialization. Often, people meet lifelong friends in college, especially their roommates. Socializing with other students can help you find people to connect with throughout your college career. Living on your own or with your parents may have benefits like being cheaper or affording you ultimate privacy, but your socialization options will be slim unless you go out frequently. Student apartments, on the other hand, are filled with other college students that you can hang out with and plan fun activities with. In fact, many off-campus housing options for Greensboro students have planned social activities that make it easy to get involved with others.

Many students think of socialization as last on the list, and while your budget or privacy concerns may feel more important, it’s key that you don’t dismiss socialization as a need. Often, students who don’t consider socialization when making their housing decision come to regret the lack of communication they have with peers later on when they can’t do anything about it until next semester, or even next year.

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CEV Cottages at Greensboro is a group of student apartments designed specifically for students attending school nearby, most often at North Carolina A&T State University. Located close by, CEV Cottages at Greensboro offers the best of both worlds for students who value their privacy but also want to have the opportunity to meet other college students and enjoy a number of amenities. Before you make your final decision about off-campus student housing, come tour our facilities and learn more about how CEV Cottages at Greensboro can make one part of college life easier. Reach out to us today at (855) 640-2354.

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