North Carolina A&T State University: Part-Time Jobs for Students

North Carolina A&T State University: Part-Time Jobs for Students

While being thrifty and cooking up new Ramen creations help, it’s not always enough to offset the living and educational expenses students experience. To financially support themselves through college, many students find part-time NCAT jobs. Are you an undergraduate or graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University and are wondering where to find part-time jobs? Start with this list on the part-time job hunt and begin scoring extra cash while going to school.

North Carolina A&T State University Student Jobs

Since many students require extra income while attending school, NCAT offers part-time and work-study positions, allowing students to earn money for their educational journey. On-campus part-time job opportunities often help students stress less about juggling work and school. 

North Carolina A&T State University students can find on-campus NCAT jobs at the school’s cafeteria or on-campus dining locations, the library, and departmental offices. Use the school’s online job board to find available on and off-campus student employment opportunities. Also, current students can speak with career services to learn about the variety of job positions in the local area. Typical undergraduate and graduate students jobs include: 

  • Resident Assistants
  • Student Information Desk Worker
  • Event Support
  • Computer Lab Attendant
  • Building Manager

In addition to regular part-time employment opportunities, NCAT offers work-study positions for qualifying undergraduates and graduate students. While work-study NCAT jobs are often limited by a student’s total award, based on class schedule and academic progress, they can be a consistent way to earn necessary income for educational expenses. Oftentimes, these jobs are related to your field of study and can either be on or off-campus.

Newspaper Classifieds

Greensboro News and Record is the daily newspaper for Greensboro residents and provides top headlines and current job classifieds. Therefore, the local newspaper is a great place for North Carolina A&T State University students to begin their part-time job hunt. While you can pick up a copy of the newspaper in several places around town, you can also view Greensboro News and Record‘s online job search to quickly find new opportunities. 

The on-campus newspaper, A&T Register, is another way for students to search for part-time job opportunities. The print edition of the paper is published twice a semester, and the online version is updated three times daily, so you can check to see if any jobs are mentioned.

Part-Time Remote Jobs

There are now more remote job opportunities than ever since many companies have switched to a remote-first model. Finding remote or freelance jobs can be the perfect fit for busy students because the positions are often more flexible than traditional part-time employment. With the large selection of remote jobs, students can often even find job opportunities related to their field of study. View current part-time remote jobs on popular job sites, such as Indeed or LinkedIn. You can also check out freelancer sites to experience the ultimate work flexibility that will allow work around your class schedule. Freelancers often check out tasks needed by companies on the following sites:


Perfect Location for Working and Studying

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