25 Items You Absolutely Can’t Forget to Bring to College

25 Items You Absolutely Can’t Forget to Bring to College

With some preparation, a good packing list, and motivation, you will be ready to leave for college knowing you have all the necessities.

In this helpful guide, we will outline the main items that most college students are glad they brought or wished someone had told them to bring before they left. Now let’s dive into what to bring to your college apartment.

The Electronics You Need to Get Through the Semester

Electronics are some of the most important items that will help you be successful at school. Here are some of the main electronic items that college students are happy that they brought.


If you’re off to college in 2022, then you know you most likely won’t be able to get through a class without a laptop. Make sure it is in working condition, updated with the latest software, and ready to go so you can start writing those papers. When you’re at your desk, have an ethernet cable handy for a more stable internet connection..


A printer will come in handy when you need to hand in hard copy assignments, as some teachers prefer this method of submission. You could use your college’s library printers, but when you’re pulling those all-nighters and the library is closed, you’ll be thankful a printer is right there for you to use. Just remember to bring a stapler or paper clips to keep all those loose pages organized.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Have you ever been studying or trying to write a paper in a noisy room? If yes, then you’re probably aware of how distracting it can be, and it may cause you to take longer than you need to finish the assignment. Noise-canceling headphones are great for drowning out background noise, allowing you to focus better and listen to your essential study music in peace during those late-night cram sessions.

Extension Cables

An item that you most likely would have forgotten on your list is an extra long extension cord. This piece of equipment can come in handy either at home or when studying on the go, just in case you aren’t close enough to an outlet and about to run out of precious battery. Some students even pack a power strip to get the most use out of a single outlet.

Portable Charger

Speaking of precious battery power, another great tool to have handy is a portable charger. These can be used for your laptop, phone, or tablet. Most students don’t leave the house without this, just in case you’re studying or working in an area without any power outlets around.

Hygiene, Toiletries and Bathroom Supplies (the Must-Haves)

Some of these will seem obvious (shower shoes are a must for communal bathrooms), but you will be surprised how many students forget to bring them on their first days of college.


A self-explanatory item that is essential for your college dorm room or apartment. However, don’t just pack one; ensure you have extra washcloths and hand towels for the bathroom. An oversized towel along with some flip-flops will certainly come in handy for days by the pool.

Toothpaste, Toothbrush, and Dental Floss

Proper oral hygiene is important wherever you are. Another item that is a given but tends to get left behind at home is a toothbrush and toothpaste. Forgetting this will cause a last-minute run to a CVS when you’re about to hop into bed.

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

If you have a favorite shampoo, conditioner or body wash, bring it with you. These small comforts will help when you feel a bit homesick. Don’t want to pack full size bottles of lotion? Pour some into mini travel containers to last you the first few days.

First Aid Kit

All the items in this section are essential, but a first aid kit is something you will appreciate having easily accessible when a cut or sprain happens. First aid kits can be bought at any drug store with all the necessities such as band-aids, tensor bandages, rubbing alcohol, and the like.

Essential Items to Bring for Your College Apartment

Next up are items that you will never regret bringing.

Pillow, Sheets, and Blankets

While you are in school, your bed will become your sanctuary to get some much-needed rest between classes, homework, and socializing. This is an area you won’t want to skimp on. Make sure you bring your favorite pillows, pillowcases, sheets, and blankets to make your bed as inviting as possible.

Laundry Basket

Most college dorms or apartments will have laundry in the building, but sometimes you’ll need to be prepared to go to a laundromat. Whether your building has laundry facilities or you need to go off-site, you will 100% need a laundry basket to transport your clothing. Don’t forget your dryer sheets and favorite laundry soap!

Coffee Maker

Drip, French press, or pour over, a coffee maker can be the ultimate life-saver when you are short on time. A necessity for those early morning classes, late-night study sessions, or brunch in your bathrobe, there’s nothing like having coffee on hand whenever you want some.

Trash Can and Trash Bags

Keep your dorm or apartment clean, so you can keep your mind clear to focus on classes. A simple way to do that is to ensure you have a proper receptacle to easily get rid of your garbage. Make sure you have disinfectant on hand to keep the place sparkling.

Cups, Plates, and Cutlery

You may be sharing accommodation or living on your own; whichever is the case, you’ll be thankful to have your own cups, plates, and cutlery to use, especially if you have a roommate who is slow to wash dishes. Wrap them in dish towels to prevent breakage during the move.

School Supplies You Can’t Forget

Don’t forget your school supplies! You’ll be kicking yourself for slacking on these items when you’re experiencing avoidable stress. Along with larger items like dry erase and bulletin boards, they’ll keep you organized in and out of class.


A helpful tip is to have a notebook for each class you’ll be taking to keep yourself as organized as possible with your notes.


A planner can help you plan out your busy schedule of classes, extracurriculars, study groups, and of course, socializing with friends. You’ll thank yourself for having a planner to stay on top of everything.

Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

Everyone has their favorite pens and pencils; pick up the essentials beforehand, so you’re not scrambling before class.

Post-It Notes

Pick up a pack of Post-it Notes before school to help keep your notes organized. Life hack: they are great to stick on your wall while you’re brainstorming ideas.


Now that you have picked up all these items and your college books, you’ll need a bookbag or backpack to carry them around. It’s a good idea to try a couple on to make sure it will work with your body type for ultimate comfort. Bonus points if it has a pocket for your water bottle!

A Final Few Personal Items That Are Often Overlooked

Your Favorite Outfit

The first day of anything, especially school, can be very nerve-wracking. Save yourself the stress of having to find an outfit last minute by bringing your favorite outfit from home. Grab some slip-resistant hangers to organize your outfits for the week, or under bed storage to easily see all your t-shirts.

A Willingness to Learn

If you don’t have this, then college will be a lot more difficult. Learning can be a very challenging yet rewarding experience; however, without a willingness to learn, you’ll have a hard time getting into the groove of things.


Be as confident as you can. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but just remember almost everyone showing up to school will be nervous and not knowing what to expect. By showing up with confidence, you’ll not only be able to meet people more easily but also help someone struggling.

An Open Mind

College is all about new experiences. Keep an open mind about people, events, classes, parties, basically anything, and you’ll no doubt learn more about what things you love or at least have a good story to tell in the future.

A Sense of Excitement

Lastly, bring a sense of excitement and adventure! This is a pivotal experience in most people’s lives and one you’ll want to be excited about.


We hope this list has helped you ease any worries you had about what to bring to college. Now get that college packing list started so you can enjoy your first days at college worry-free and see you at Cottages at Greensboro soon!

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