For Parents

For Parents

We want you to rest assured that everything you need is in one place… for both you and your student.


Top-Notch Off-Campus Housing Management

Our years of experience providing housing for students in off-campus locations means we understand what students need. Even further, we understand the concerns of the parent helping their child make this transition. We strive to create a comfortable place for students to live while they are in college. We employ fully trained, professional managers to keep our communities maintained and provide the highest level of customer service.


Our Leasing Is Simplified with Individual Lease Plans

One big concern for parents paying for off-campus housing is what happens when one roommate chooses to leave a shared apartment or doesn’t pay the rent on time. We have simplified the leasing process by leasing our apartments by the room through an individual liability lease contract. Every student will sign a lease for their individual space with a shared common area. They will be held responsible only for the rent and fees listed on their lease contract. Therefore, if one of the roommates in an apartment moves out or fails to pay their rent, it has no effect on the rest of the students or what they have to pay to stay.

Floor Plans and Amenities

We Offer Favorable Floor Plans and Amenities

There is no doubt your new college student will feel at home in our apartment homes. Our floor plans are designed with the busy student in mind. Every apartment is outfitted with a full kitchen, living room and laundry facilities. Each unit includes a full appliance package and offer great furniture packages!

The amenities are designed to keep every student entertained, fit and aid in their academic success. In addition, we host multiple activities and social events for residents each month to help them get to know their neighbors, network, further their academic needs and make a difference in their community.

Roommate Matching

Roommate Matching & Roommate Requests

During the application process, your student will complete an Interest page survey to collect data on their living habits and any requested roommates they might want to live with. The survey covers things like typical study habits, music and television preferences, noise level preferences, cleanliness and other general ideas. We utilize this data to make the best roommate matching decisions available. We make no guarantees that your student will get along with their matched roommate. In addition, gender-specific roommate preferences are considered during placement. In the event your child is unhappy with their roommates after moving in, they can apply for a transfer.

Applying and Paying

Applying & Paying Rent Is Easy

We want it to be simple for interested students and parents to apply for off-campus housing in our student apartments, so you can apply online whenever you like and from any device. Lease terms are less than one year, and the apartments can fill up quickly, so we do recommend applying for an apartment as early as possible. Many communities will sign leases as far as one year in advance of the move in date. Any and all upfront fees are covered during the application process on the summary page.

Once your college student has moved in, paying rent is easy. We have an online portal where you can schedule recurring payments or make one-time payments. We do accept payments for multiple months as well. The portal will also give you access to event calendars, copies of all signed documents and a message center with important community updates.